Our Journey into Branded Apparel: The Story Behind Our Custom Leather Patch Hats

Our Journey into Branded Apparel: The Story Behind Our Custom Leather Patch Hats

By Trevor MacGillivray

Our journey into the world of custom leather patch hats started in April of 2023, barely a month after we initially launched Byward Outfitters. Although our initial focus was on creating our own designs and selling them directly to customers, we quickly learned that there was demand for unique and high quality branded apparel.  Within a few weeks of launch, we started to receive inquiries to make custom hats from local small and medium sized businesses, and we were off to the races. Those initial inquiries opened our eyes to the vast potential within the branded apparel market, which we are uniquely qualified to serve given our expertise with leather working and design - crafting all of our products in house allows us the flexibility to meet every customers unique needs and quickly turn around orders with a laser focus on quality.

What started as a couple of orders soon grew into a steady inbound flow of requests, and before we knew it, we were crafting a growing number of custom leather patch hats and working with a diverse group of customers across Canada & the USA. Much to our delight, many of our new prospects were referrals from existing customers, a sure sign that our leather patch hats were making a good impression! Custom hat orders quickly became a core part of our business, and although we continue to sell our own designs to customers through our website, B2B orders have become a leading driver of our growth and a core part of our strategy looking ahead to 2024.

The key to our success with custom leather patches lies in our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and crafting superior products. Our approach is hands-on and personal; we collaborate closely with each customer to design a leather patch that is not just an accessory, but a true representation of their business. This process involves creating various mock-ups and engaging in a dynamic feedback loop until the design reaches perfection. It's a labor of love, where attention to detail and customer vision takes center stage. The repeat business from our customers speaks volumes about the quality and impact of our products. Many clients have returned to place additional orders, affirming the lasting impression and quality of our leather patch hats. 

Our customer base has been surprisingly diverse. We've had the pleasure of working with businesses across various sectors, including breweries, construction companies, landscaping firms, restaurants, to name a few. The versatility of our leather patches allows each industry to imprint its unique identity onto our hats, making them more than just a piece of apparel – they're a statement. Furthermore, our work has extended beyond the business world into the realm of charities and non-profits. Crafting patches for organizations like the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) has been particularly fulfilling, knowing that our hats help in supporting important causes.

As we look towards 2024, we’re excited to double down and expand our footprint in the branded apparel space. Our commitment is unwavering: to provide extraordinary, personalized leather patch hats for extraordinary teams. At Byward Outfitters, custom leather hats are about more than just about making a statement – it's about setting a new standard in branded apparel.  As we often say, branded apparel is an extension of your business, so why not get the best? Discover the Byward difference for your team or business. Visit our custom hats page now to start your journey with a complimentary mock-up